Monday, December 1, 2008

Bowling fun (or not so much)

So, a couple of weeks ago in church, the preacher was telling some story about taking his kids bowling, and (rather than listening to how that was connected to his Biblical message) I got stuck on the idea of taking my own toddler bowling. Well, today we did it. Here's how it all went down...

What she's thinking: Hmm...looks kind of fun. I guess I'll give it a whirl.
What she said: 'Oh, WOW! Balls!'

What she's thinking: Wait. What did those kids just do with those balls?
What she said: 'Where da balls go, Mommy?'

What she's thinking: Oh, crap! Those balls are going to hit the...
What she said: 'Oh NO!! PINS!!!!!'

What she's thinking: Why in the world did you just knock down those pins that were lined up so nicely minding their own business.
What she said: (rather frantically) 'Uh-oh!!! PINS FALL DOWN!!'

What she's thinking: Daddy, please!!! In the name of all that is good and holy, DO NOT roll the ball towards the pins!
What she said: 'Daddy, pwease, no roll it! Put da ball on da table! Put da ball on da table! PWEASE put da ball on da table!' What she's thinking: Oh, good! I think Mommy just said we're leaving. For the love of Pete, who thinks this crazy, chaotic game is any fun anyway?!
What she said: 'Wet's go to da rest-a-want and get some wunch! Wet's GO!'
And there you have it, I think we're officially crossing Professional Bowler off of the list of hopes and dreams we have for our daughter. (Sigh.)


LAURA said...

that's so hilarous. poor thing. your commentary cracks me up. and it makes me laugh that she's freaking out and you're taking pictures :) ha ha. no family fun bowling for yall anymore! so dont leave me hangin--did you go to de westaurant or not??!! ha ha.

Lisa said...

LOL!!! So funny! We haven't attempted to take Grace. Wonder what she would think of it?

Lisa said...

ps... glad you are having some good family time, even if its finding out what your daughter doesn't like.

Shana-Lynn said...

This cracked me UP!!! That is hilarious!!!

Kristen said...

That was hilarious!