Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A reading update

So, I think my theory about my child is that she has a photographic memory, or something very close to it. She can read some words after only seeing them once. I sat down and wrote a list of all of the words I could think of that she can read. I discover new words that she knows ever day just by trying them out. Today, I found out she can read, "airplane." What in the world?!

Here's the list:
Eleanor, Daddy, Mommy, table, cup, up, ball, purple, apple, banana, fox, cat, dog, bubble, bear, baby, doll, bee, owl, airplane, mirror, snow, eye, yellow, happy, grass, key, pig, fish, water, bowl.

I can't get a video of her reading all of them because (as you'll see), she gets sort of impatient with my turn to write on the MagnaDoodle and wants her own turn. If we use flashcards, she insists on holding them all, and ends up crunching them all up.

You'll probably have to turn your volume way up to hear her. And you'll have to look really quickly to see some of the words, as my cameraman didn't quite get them. :)


Shana-Lynn said...

Holy crap is she ever good! It is just totally amazing Megan. You may have the next Einstein right in your home! She'll be skipping to college before we all know it!

Margaret said...

that is amazing - you have one gifted little girl!

laurahpenney said...

gosh! she's incredible. LOVE the tearful "bear" at the end--wanting to play with the magnadoodle, but obediently saying the words, then your perfect choice for the last word. so cute

starfitch said...

If you didn't tape this, it would be hard to believe! It truly is amazing. It will be such a fun challenge to try and keep up with her!

Lisa said...

She is so gifted! I agree with Shana-lynn... you might have the next Einstein living with you!

GG said...

You are all so right, she is a genius but if you knew her mother & daddy's IQ, you would know why!! They are the most incredible people I have ever known! And the best part is, I'm their GG!!!! I do love them very much!!!!!