Friday, April 11, 2008

Spin, spider, spin

I really appreciate everyone's kind comments on my last reading post. I'm really not one to get all emotional on my blog, but I couldn't stand the thought of anyone thinking I was that mom, who pushes and pushes her kid, and then can't stop bragging about what they can do. You guys are the best!

As a teacher, I found such joy in hearing a student read a book for the first time, and seeing their little face light up at realizing what they had done. With Eleanor, that joy is multiplied by like a thousand. Hearing her read just melts my heart.

And, I seem to be having some sort of blogging marathon, so be sure and scroll down for other new stuff!


Shana-Lynn said...

Megan, she melts my heart too. Love it!

Kimberly said...

She has the sweetest little voice!