Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sailor girl

Friday, March 20, 2009

"Not without me"

Has anyone else seen that super annoying episode of Elmo's World about bicycles? There's this helmet that pops up through the whole thing saying, "Not without me!" in this totally obnoxious voice. Anyway, apparently Eleanor took his advice very seriously, and she recently decided that she couldn't ride her tricycle unless she had a helmet. So, her daddy and I took her to Target and let her pick one. She picked the Dora one, which came complete with the tiniest, most adorable knee and elbow pads. The day we got it, she refused to take it off until I had to force the issue at bathtime.

And here's Miss Priss looking oh-so-big in her new helmet.

Monday, March 9, 2009


I think the lack of blog posts has some people questioning whether or not we are doing okay with our current situation. And while I appreciate and understand the concern, I'll just say this...does this look like the face of someone who isn't happy?...
Okay, this one doesn't count. And it's not her fault...this is the look her daddy has been giving me for the past twelve years! :)
We are doing very well. We've both adjusted to our little life here in Texas, so much so that I'm starting now saving money for Eleanor's therapy bills when she is not able to see her cousin Chloe at least once a day.
We are getting very excited about Jared's visit, which is NEXT WEEK! YAY! We leave for Napa on the 27th, and while I'm a little nervous about being away from my baby girl for five days, I know we'll have an awesome time!