Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Today, my sis and I took a spontaneous mini-roadtrip to a State Park about an hour away. We had a picnic and let the girls put their feet in the lake (too cold to get in!) The girls had a great time, and Eleanor once again surprised me with how brave she was around the water.

Here's the evidence of her bravery and independence. I was having a mini-heart attack that she was leaning so close to the water, but she insisted on doing it "ALL BY MYSELF!!"

And some other lake pics...

Sidenote: E's adorable swag is a hand-me-down from none other than the one and only Sophie B. :)


GG said...

How much more precious can she get? She is looking like a young lady, not a little girl. Thank you so much for sending this blog!!

Kimberly said...

And it looks so stinkin cute on her!!!