Saturday, May 23, 2009

First swim of 2009

So, it's that time of year (at least here in Texas) when the mommies squeeze themselves into those spandex torture devices known as swimsuits and tote the kiddos (beach towels, floaties, sunscreen, sippy cups, etc.) to the pool to have some all-out, super-intense fun in the sun!

Or your kid, who is notoriously hydrophobic, could say, "No thanks, Mommy. I just wanna sit in the beach chair right now."

Seriously, it took an insane amount of coaxing and distracting, but after fifteen minutes or so, we ended up here...

She had a GREAT time! I'm so proud of her!! She's getting to be such a brave little girl! We even managed to get to where I was only holding her chest up while she was lying on her tummy kicking her legs...huge progress from the clinging-to-my-mommy-like-a-baby-koala point from which we started.
Chloe was a natural in the water. Totally dug it from the get-go and had no fear!

Some more pics from the pool.


Robin said...

It's that time of the year up here, too. We actually went out to the pool today. Yay for sitting out but the pool...but not in your bathing suit. Yuck.

GG said...

Hooray for both of you!!! She might turn out to love the water as much as her MiMi does!!(did) Love the precious pictures!

GG said...

Aunt PeeWee says to give Eleanor a big hug for her and a kiss, too!!