Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tyler Zoo

Today is a double-post day...
While we were in Texas, we went to the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler. It was super nice, and a lot different than I remember from the numerous school field trips I took there as a kid. I think the best part was the ample shade, which is a necessity on a Texas summer day. Eleanor LOVED all the animals. It made me wish we had a zoo closer to us. I mean, there is that whole National Zoo thing, but a trip into DC is a full-day event. I do want to take Eleanor there soon, but it will probably only be a once- or twice-a-year thing until she's a little bigger.

Signing "fox" at the fox cage.

Okay, I love this picture because of the look on Aunt Casey's face. She collects those pressed pennies you can get at a lot of places, and she was so excited to find one here. Sheer jubilance for a meer 51 cents.

Uncle Shane and Eleanor feeding the ducks.

The 'Ih-raffs!'

You would think she'd had enough of goats from our countless trips to the petting zoo...nope. She loved 'em, and cried when it was time to leave.

Apparently, smiling with your mouth wide open is the thing to do in Eleanor's world these days.


Robin said...

If you go to the zoo here, take me, too! I still haven't been.

Shana-Lynn said...

I love the last picture, she looks like she is just loving life so much.

GG said...

These pictures and the e-mailed ones are just precious! She sure does love her animals!!!

Janice said...

I love how she's signing for the word fox!!! She looks so happy in all the photos. You can tell she really loves animals.

Can I just say YAY for getting rid of the paci!!!!! Did you end up cutting the end off or did you just take it away? We are still working on Ava (among other things like potty training Cameron - yikes!). Glad you guys had a great trip!!!