Friday, December 7, 2007

Breakfast with Santa

Last Saturday, my sister and I took the girls to have breakfast with Santa in Middleburg, VA (which we found to be the cutest little town EVER!) The girls were having so much fun during the breakfast portion of the event that we were hopeful about the pics with Santa. Well, the line was a little too long, especially for Eleanor who kept doing nosedives out of my arms while trying to touch anything and everything that looked the least bit interesting or dangerous. Chloe was great in line, but was not at all interested in sitting on the lap of a fat, bearded (and very rude) man in a fuzzy red suit. Who can blame her?

So, here's what we got of Eleanor with the big guy. The photographer that was there also got a picture, but it was way too deer-in-the-headlights for me. At least in this one she looks happy about the sucker he was offering. That grouchy Santa wouldn't make an effort to hold my precious niece because she was a little fussy, and even made some rude comment about the girls' age. Some jolly old elf!


starfitch said...

Gosh! Aren't you glad they weren't old enough to understand that Santa was grumpy? Boo Santa.

Shana-Lynn said...

Eleanor looks darling as ever.

Starfitch is right, boo Santa...!!

Wendy said...

Gotta love rude Santas!!!!! Holiday spirit huh? ITs a cute picture though. Eleanor didn't do too bad!!