Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Just a swingin'

Today, it was a sweltering 50 degrees, so my friend Laura and I decided we would take our babies to the park. Well, it was a...memorable experience. Getting there proved to be a little more difficult than we had anticipated. Today is the first really warm day we've had since the big ice storm, so the ice is actually still pretty thick on the ground. So, there we are- Laura's feet are getting totally soaked trudging through the icy slush carrying Jordan on her back, and I'm trying to drag Eleanor's stroller along behind me. But we weren't going to turn back, and have totally wasted the seven minutes it took us to walk there. We finally arrive at the playground, and I stick Eleanor in the swing in the Floppy Seat that is intended for use with grocery carts and high chairs. I brought it along because I thought it would help Eleanor fit in the swing better, and it actually worked pretty well. Unfortunately, the wind was too chilly for her to swing much, so she just had to sit there in the swing. Poor little Jordan's lips were trembling and she looked very cold. (It apparently wasn't 50 in the shade.) So, we only stayed for a few minutes, and took the girls back to the warm house. (After another trek through the sludge.) I did have time, though, to snap this picture of Eleanor's first time to swing at a playground...

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Lisa said...

Yeah it looks a bit cold still with the snow on the ground. You are missing out here in south... weahter today was 75 and sunny... just got back from the park!

Oh and you are going to LOVE your cart cover when she sits in the shopping cart. I don't know what I would do without mine.