Thursday, February 15, 2007

But the greatest of these is love

I usually don't get into Valentine's Day. When I was a teacher, I looked forward to it only because I could use it to my advantage to get the kids to behave. "If you don't follow the rules, you can't take home your Valentine cards today." Sounds mean, but if you taught where I taught, you'd use anything you could. Plus, I liked the day when we made the mailboxes to put the Valentines in. Okay, I'm way off topic...

The weather here has been eventful. It's very cold, and there was snow, sleet, and freezing rain for about 36 hours. So, Tuesday, when Jared got home from work, I was so relieved that he was safe and sound inside. Well, at about 5:30 that evening, he said he was going outside. I thought he just wanted to walk around in the snow (for some weird reason) and would be back in a few minutes. But he wasn't. He walked to the mall. When he came back, he was carrying a garment bag from Macy's. He said, "Happy Valentine's Day." I opened the bag and in it was the most beautiful wool coat I have ever seen. I had been searching all winter for a plaid, wool coat, and had had no success. But, leave it to my husband to go out in the terrible weather and find one. I'm so glad he's my Valentine. (This gift sure beats the Easy button.) Here's a cheesy picture of my new coat, but since I only ever see two of you...

Yesterday, Jared was iced in from work, so the three of us stayed cuddled up in our bed in our pajamas until almost noon. It was so great! We snoozed and we played and Jared read a book. (Not out loud...that sounded like he was reading us a story.) Now, that is an amazing way to spend the day with the ones you love!

Makes me think of this awesome verse:
"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love."
--1 Corinthians 13:13

I'm so glad we were created in the image of a loving God! What a blessing to be able to give and receive the gift of love.


Denise said...

A home run for Jared! What a sweet hubby who loves his wife so much! That is a great coat and you will look oh so fabulous in it! :)

Lindsay said...

that is too sweet!
Hope yall had a GREAT V-day!

Lisa said...

I'm so jealous! Can I have your Valentines day?? Adam had to work late!

Anyway, love the coat!

Robin said...

I love your new coat, and I'm sure George will like it, too!