Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Winter is here!

Well, it finally feels like winter here. I posted a month or so ago and said it was freezing, and it hasn't been cold since- until now. Yesterday, we went to the mall, and when we came out, it was snowing! Yea! It was amazing as it whirled in the sky, but lost it's beauty as it splatted on the windshield as a big, fat water drop. It was 41 degrees, so there was absolutely nothing to be seen on the ground or anywhere else. I was a little upset that I wasn't able to get a picture of Eleanor's first snow, but I'm not sure that it even counts because it only lasted about 15 minutes. I feel pretty sure I'm going to have another opportunity to snap a photo of a snowy little Punkin' in the near future because the temperature hasn't been above 30 today. I'm always perplexed when I read Lisa's blog, and see all the wintry weather they get in Oklahoma! Who knew?!?

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Lisa said...

Brrrrr... stay indoors and drink some hot coco to stay warm!!