Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Our Discovery Health moment

I just got back from taking Eleanor to the dentist. I was really freaked out about what I thought were teeth erupting in all the wrong places in little punkin's mouth. My pediatrician said they were teeth and the dental hygienist said they were teeth, but the dentist took one look and said they weren't. He said they were Bohn's nodules, which are completely harmless little bumps on a newborn's gum line. They're supposed to go away on their own without any treatment. The dentist was absolutely beside himself with excitement over seeing such a thing, and he asked if he could take a picture. I said okay (I'm so supportive of science...hehehe), and he got out his big camera and took pictures of Eleanor and the inside of her mouth. He did say the nodules could hurt, which is why we have been experiencing the on-and-off fussiness since their arrival. He said it was fine to continue using Baby Orajel.

And here's the best part....he didn't charge us for our visit. Okay, the best part is really that my baby is fine, and is not getting teeth all over her mouth. (But the no charge is a close second.)


Robin said...

Maybe her picture will show up in some dreadfully boring dentist journal showing her nodules.

I'm glad everything is ok!

Lisa said...

I would totally have taken her to the dentist too!

Hopely they will go away soon!!

Denise said...

How wild???!!!?? Very interesting!