Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I think we have officially found something that Eleanor doesn't like to eat. Yesterday, we tried asparagus for the first time. I was so excited about the asparagus because it made the most beautiful puree. (Oh, the life of a stay-at-home mom; thrilled over a pretty puree!) However, Eleanor was much less excited about it. I think these pictures really say it all:

We'll give it another go today, but I'm not holding out much hope. Now, what will I do with 15 asparagus cubes?!


Robin said...

I like asparagus, but it doesn't sound very good in puree form. I side with Eleanor on this one.

You could start your own baby food company and sell your asparagus cubes and whatever else she happens not to like.

OR - you could put it in a food processor and try to get it the consistency of snow and make a green snowman. I like that idea better.

Megan said...

Aspara-snowman...I like it. I'll bring him over to your place for dinner. :)

Lisa said...

Well I know what you guys are having for dinner for the next few days! Bummer she didn't like it... Asparagus is one of Grace's favorites.

Megan said...

Hey, Lisa. The whole time I was feeding her I kept telling her that Miss Lisa made me feed her that yucky stuff! :)

Lindsay said...

hahahahahaaa! I have a picture of Travis with the SAME face!
I am gonna add you to my blog roll!!!!
so, Megan, whenya want a new template???? hummmm???

Megan said...

I'll definitely let you know when I'm ready for a new template. I looked through your portfolio. You're awesome!!