Friday, January 12, 2007

Get your feet ON the furniture!

I wonder at what point I will have to explain to Eleanor that it's bad manners to put your feet on the furniture. Look at that face- it's certainly not going to be today!

I knew that Eleanor could stand if Mommy or Daddy were holding her hands, but I just discovered a couple of days ago that she can stand if I put her next to something that she can hold on to. She can stand holding on to the side of her crib, but I'm nervous she'll fall forward and hurt her little head. Plus, I'm not sure that I want to encourage standing up in bed just yet. So, the couch seems like our best play place for this fun activity. (I know it looks like she's really close to the edge of the couch, but she really isn't, and I'm very close to her incase she does fall.)

I know this isn't a milestone or something I need to write in the baby book. I just think it's really cute, and she absolutely loves it. The only problem is she doesn't understand why she can't stand all the time, and she got a little grouchy when we were finished and she had to get back on the floor- like a baby. The best part was when she would lose her balance and fall into a sitting position. She would look up like, "What? I meant to do that!" (The last picture)

She really is starting to have such a fun personality. Finally, something that can't be attributed to her daddy. JUST KIDDING! I really like hanging out with her, and I am so grateful to be able to do that. We keep each other laughing all day. This morning, she grabbed my ear and would pull it and then push it away, and she thought it was hysterical. She has the most infectious and adorable giggle!

I love my little girl so much. I am so, so thankful to Jared (whom I also love so much) for prayerfully following God's will for us, and putting us in a position where I am able to enjoy and nurture her around the clock!

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Lisa said...

I know what you mean about being thankful that we are able to stay at home. It is such a blessing...even when Grace has a not so good day. I couldn't imagine spending it any other way!