Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Eleanor's new game

Eleanor has been playing a new game for the past four nights, and she would really like all of you to teach it to your babies. Here's how it goes:

Between the hours of 11PM and 4AM, wake up as many times as you possibly can and scream at the top of your lungs. Your mommy will probably appear beside your bed right away. If not, keep screaming until she does. Smile at her, kick you feet, and squeal with excitement. She may try to put your pacifier in your mouth; in this case, you should immediately launch it across the crib and resume screaming. You can stop screaming as long as she doesn't try the pacifier thing again. As your mommy stands beside your crib with her hand on her forehead begging you to go back to sleep, keep smiling and making cute noises. But when your mommy turns to go back to her cozy bed, resume screaming. If she does not return to your crib right away, turn up the volume. Keep increasing the volume as necessary until she comes back. (If you live in an apartment like me, your mommy WILL come back eventually to prevent the neighbors from calling the police.)

Repeat this process until your mommy is totally exhausted or until you're sleepy again. If you do it long enough, your mommy may put you in the bed with her. In which case, you may declare yourself the clear winner!

Have fun! As long as you do your happy dance in the morning when your mommy comes to get you from your crib, she will give you a big hug as if she forgot all about the night's events.


Wendy said...

Oh No Megan! I sure hope she stops playing this game soon!! Doesn't sound like a fun game to me! Where do they learn this game anyways? I have always wondered...I wish I had some advice to give, but I don't. Keep the faith and know that it will not last.

Denise said...

I'm sorry, Eleanor. But, please do not teach this game to Jon David. He sort of had his own version of this game and after MONTHS of playing, he soon realized that Mommy just did not like it. Good thing you are REALLY cute. That helps Mommy be sweet even though she is soooooooo tired!

Janice said...

Do you think maybe that Eleanor and Ava are related? I am still struggling putting Ava to bed. Someone recommended a book written by Dr. Ferber ("Ferberize Your Baby"). I haven't looked at it yet but she said it might give us tips on babies having a hard time sleeping. Just be strong and try to get some rest during the day if you can. :-)

Oh, and I'm loving your new banner!!!!!!!! I wish I was able to do one like that :-)!!

Lisa said...

If you aren't a good girl then the Easter Bunny isn't going to bring you anything!
At least that what my mommy says.
love, Grace

SO so sorry! I completely feel your pain. Grace went through that and is unfortunatly going through it again right now only a bit different. I think its b/c I'm trying to wean. Who knows. Anyway, know that in good time she will get back on her good little routine and you will get more sleep! :)

Megan said...

Well, friends, thanks for all the supportive comments. I'm happy to report that last night was MUCH better. She still woke up, but only twice (at 3:30 and 4:15), and she went right back to sleep when I put her pacifier in. Then, she slept until about 7:10, which she hasn't done in several weeks. She had apparently decided that 6:30 was our new wake up time. I feel so rested, and I'm hopeful that we've reached the end of whatever that little game was!

Denise said...

Also, LOVE the new banner. Can you send me info as to how you did it? I know another mommy wanting a fancy banner and could use the help. :)

Wendy said...

Megan- I love your new banner. It is cute. I started trying to do a new banner, but am not computer literate enough, and ended up just changing my template to what it is now. I couldn't figure out the banner, so applause goes to to you!! Great job.

Megan said...

Hey! Glad everyone likes the new banner. I would love to say that I'm really smart and figured out how to put it up, but that wouldn't be true. My husband did it while I took a nap. I redesigned it a little, but have no idea how he actually made it appear on my page. :)

Shana-Lynn said...

Megan, I think Eleanor has taught my daughter Aubree this game because last night was a horrible night of not sleeping,crying,screaming, sleep for 45 minutes then back to not sleeping, crying and screaming. Now she is up at 6:30 for the day!! UGH!

Megan said...


I'm so sorry! If it makes you feel any better, we played the game for about five hours last night. :(