Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Snow day

Everything outside is covered in snow. That means we're stuck indoors because I don't know how to drive when there's snow on the ground. Eleanor and I have not been out of the apartment together for three days now. It's becoming harder and harder to entertain her (and myself). She really enjoys being out and about, so I don't think she's happy with this at all. Okay, maybe she is a little bit because I've taken a liking to snuggling up and taking a nap with her. Here's a picture of her in our bed before she woke up and realized I wasn't cuddled up next to her.
Maybe snow days aren't all bad.


Denise said...

That is another beautiful picture! She didn't wake when you took it? The joy of napping with your baby - priceless! :)

erin said...

Thanks for the link! What a sweet thing to say! Today is a super busy day but I will get to your email so soon.

Adorable photo. These are the moments we want to remember always, aren't they? Great capture.