Sunday, January 21, 2007

Let it snow!

Yea! We finally got the first real snow of our first winter as almost-northerners. As we left church to grab a burger at Fuddrucker's, a few flurries started to swirl around. Then, as we sat and ate, it really began to fall and accumulate on the ground and the cars in the parking lot. By the time we finished eating, there was enough snow that I could fling it off the bumper as I sang a beautiful "It's snowing" song. I must say that I think everyone in the parking lot really enjoyed it. One guy threw a dime at me. Not really.

We drove home (scary!), and I insisted that Eleanor have some pictures of her first snow. She thought the snow was really funny. She kept sucking in her breath and blinking her eyes, and then she stuck out her tongue and let snow fall on it. It was so exciting! Probably more so for me than her. That's why I have that stupid-looking grin on my face. We walked around a little bit, then Eleanor wrote a message for Daddy in the snow and made her first snow angel.

The fun ended when Jared said we had to go inside before we got arrested for laying our baby in the snow. What a party-pooper!
It's still coming down as I'm writing. I think we're expecting about an inch. That's like a blizzard to this little lady from Texas! I think I'll go outside and build a snowman...

It's still snowing!!!!!! The snow is too dry to make a snowman. It's very pretty, but I'm starting to worry about Jared going to work tomorrow.


Robin said...

I like snow when you don't have to go anywhere and can stay toasty warm inside all day.

Just let me know if you want to sled down the big hill to our aparment. I'd take pictures for you!

Megan said...

robin- I don't have a sled. :( Do you have a trash can lid? That's what we used on the ice in Texas.

Nevermind...I just remembered how much my fingers and toes hurt when I came in earlier.

Lindsay said...

so cute!
Looks way too cold there!
whenyah gonna build a snowman for us Texans who are super jealous taht you actually have snow! :)