Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Gone to Texas (Again!)

Okay, this post is way late. My friends at Shutterfly just decided to get the pictures for it to me, so here it is...

In December, Eleanor took her second trip to the Lone Star State. (Her first trip was pre-blog.) We stayed with Mr. Keith, Miss Ashley, Kelsey, Jake and Megan.

It was the little Farris' first time to meet Baby Eleanor, and they were quite excited. Last time they saw me (us?), Eleanor was in my tummy. Of course, this was a pretty easy concept for the big kids to grasp, but it took a little convincing for Megan, who kept saying, "Where's you baby?" and looking at my stomach. She caught on quickly, though, and couldn't wait to hold and love on Baby Eleanor. They loved taking turns holding her, and would gather around the bouncy seat to watch her play. Another favorite activity was putting the pacifier in her mouth (and for Megan- taking it out, putting it in, taking it out, and so on, which was hysterical!) They all loved helping out and it was so sweet to see the way they loved being around her!

One day, while we were in the car, I whispered (so I thought!) to Ashley that maybe Jake and Eleanor would get married. To which Jake replied, "What?!? I can't marry her. By the time she's a teenager, I'll already be married. I'm getting married after I finish college." Who can argue with that? But wouldn't it be cute?...

One evening, Ashley and I had a special treat. Keith agreed to watch Eleanor so that we could go out to dinner and to see a movie. It was so wonderful to have girl time! Keith gets an A+ for babysitting because that night Eleanor slept 12 hours straight for the first time ever! I offered (or threatened, depending on how you look at it) to hire him as Eleanor's nanny, but he kindly declined, though I think the job was perfect for him.

While we were in town, we got to see our friends from church. I loved hanging out with them! Eleanor met several babies close to her own age. They exchanged e-mail addresses, and are still in touch. Here are a couple of them- Bella and Josh (whose mommies are my friends Jamie and Amanda). The babies were enthralled by Baby Einstein while the big kids decorated cookies.

Eleanor also met other babies when we hung out with my ex-work friends. (Definitely not ex-friends, just ex-work!) Eileen's baby Jackson is just two weeks older than Eleanor. Somehow, we missed getting them coordinated for a picture, but here's me with sweet Gabriel and his mom Claudia:

Our trip was so great! I'm so glad some of my favorite people got to meet Eleanor and vice versa. We are so blessed to have so many great people in our lives!

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