Thursday, December 7, 2006

Eleanor 'goes mobile'

Okay, so she's not crawling and she didn't get a cell phone. But she loves, LOVES her mobile. The characters on her mobile are her three best friends (besides Mommy and Daddy, of course.) Whenever she sees them, she smiles as if they're having some grand reunion. When times are hard, those guys really turn things around. (Get it- "turn" things around?!) I learned from a much wiser mommy than I to attach the mobile to the changing table so that diaper changes are more pleasant (or at least less tiring and messy.) And I must say it has really worked. So, here's to you, blue polka-dotted cow and green polka-dotted horse, and other creature that we haven't quite figured out.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

GREAT idea! I'll have to use that for my next little one as Grace is a little big for that!